Welcome to Traevel Atelier!

Want to explore the great (flat) outdoors of the Netherlands, Europe or the world? Want to do that as well-equipped and as light as possible? Then you've hit the right address! At Traevel Atelier we work with a carefully selected range of (bicycle) adventure gear that covers the essentials of bikepacking / long distance cycling / even hiking if your feet fancy the hard ground more than pedals.


On this website you can find all the products we offer. We do however strongly recommend a visit to the shop: it's always the nicest way to get your hands on the products, get a feeling and try it out! 



In case you're curious about the name 'Traevel Atelier', here's a little introduction. Why that squeezed-in "e", you might wonder? Well, as a matter of fact, Raevel is a last name. Mine, to be precise. And if you randomly stick a "t" to it, well, then you get... Traevel. That's right. Oh and the Atelier side is because we make custom bags. Getting all in with the handy work. And if you fancy workshop vides, swing by to see it by yourself!