La Lola, sunshine of Wageningen, makes soaps. All kinds of soaps. And they're all as yummy as they look. 

And as a matter of fact, soap bars are the perfect travel companion to keep you fresh during your cycling adventures. They're compact, light and they last long.


Specially for the roaming ones, La Lola produces the Traevel Pieces, a canelé-sized soap that you can fit anywhere. 


So, do you need any more good reasons to support your local female entrepreneur (all profits go to her)? The answer is below: 

Artisanal soaps that will keep you fresh during your cycling adventures! 


There's a Lalola Soap for any occasion:

- Avocado - Moisturizing

- Coffee - Exfoliating

- Camomile - For sensitive skin

- Charcoal & Lavender - Against acne

- Almond milk & Turmeric - Moisturizing and antibacterial


Carefully made out of natural ingredients.


When ordering, please specify which flavour you'd like in a message.