For the moment we're not taking any more bag orders. Sorry about that!

Repair Café at the Atelier 

As an outdoor enthusiast, caring about your footprint also means caring about your equipment. Your tent, sleeping bag, down jacket, you name it, they all wear off while you explore the great outdoors. And we all know that repairing is the way to go, but we don't all have the tools or the know-how to put that ideal in practice. That's why we're throwing a (hopefully) monthly Repair Café here at the Atelier! Themes will vary from outdoor focussed reparations (think tent, sleeping equipment, gas stove etc) to broader items according to the requests we get. 


We're also no experts but we're all very excited about sharing experience and tools, which is why this is a collective endeavour. We'll fix the things together with you, not for you. That means it's for free. A spontaneous contribution is for sure welcome but not expected. 


Sharing is caring, as they say. We can't provide any guarantee on the reparations, but we can assure you it'll be a fun moment and we'll have drinks and cakes for a small price!